Rs 750 Prize Bond List Draw #97 on 15 January 2024 Sialkot check online

 Rs 750 Prize Bond List Draw No. 97 on 15 January 2024 held in Sialkot check online 

You can view your Draw # 97 prize of 750 Rs Bond List result here online. Balloting for Lucky Draw No. 97 of Rs. 750 prize bond was released on the streets of Sialkot city on January 15th, 2024. State Bank conducted the balloting on the bonds worth 750 rupees. Prize bonds. First prize of 750 Rs. prize bond with a value of 1,500,000 PRK is awarded to one lucky winner. The second prize of the prize bond 750 in the amount of to Rs. 500 000 is awarded to 3 lucky winners. The third and final prize of the 750-rupee bond is awarded to 1692 winners in the amount of Rs. 9,300/- each.

In the words of the spokesperson for National Savings the 1st prize of the prize bond of 750 value Rs.1,500,000 will be given to the winner who is single, and it is the 2nd prize in the bond value Rs.500,000 will be given to 3 lucky winners of the Rs 750 Prize Bond List Draw #97 on 15 January 2024 Sialkot . the prize of 750 rupees will be awarded to 1696 contestants with a value of Rs.9,300.

The list of 750 Prize bonds 2024 distribution of the savings bond is a great option for business people of average standing and offers handsome pay packages. The Prize bonds draw of 750 are scheduled for the month of February November, and August each year. In a year, the bond 750 prize is comprised of 04 draws, which are held at intervals of three months.

Draw 97 Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Sialkot full Result 14 January 2024

1st Prize Bond Number, Prize Amount 1500000 PKR


2nd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 500000 PKR

087220 826748 892829

3rd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 9300 PKR

Rs 750 Prize Bond Winning rupee amount:

Rs, 750 Sialkot 15-01-2024 1,500,000 PKR 500,000 PKR 9,300 PKR

Rs 750 Prize Bond List 2024 complete Result download:

This is a great opportunity for those who put money into prize bonds and are looking forward to the outcome with anticipation. We wish all the winners a very happy birthday! Keep an eye out for information on the results of the prize bond! The Prize bond draws are conducted under the aegis of the administration of Pakistan as well as under the Finance department. The Department of finance is solely responsible for this organization.

In light of this National Savings Organization giving an open challenge to anyone who nobody can be branded fraudulent or lying about this Prize bond draw in Pakistan. In addition, a variety of kinds of lottery schemes in operation all over the world however, all of them are fraudulent and unsatisfactory. This is why only the officially recognized Prize Bonds of national savings are the most reliable lottery scheme in Pakistan that are legitimate and suitable for the purchase of money, without risk.

Another crucial aspect to be considered is that you can purchase these bonds prior to 60 days before the date of draw. After you purchase your prize bond, you can then be patiently waiting for the result announcement. A lot of people purchase bond prizes to invest in and some lucky winners also earn money by winning these contests. The chances of winning are higher as you buy more bonds. If you haven’t had a go at winning in draw for prizes yet this could be the right time!

Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw Results online

The schedule for the 750 prize bond will be real-time when it is your preferred draw in the coming months or weeks including the specific date as well as the city in which the draw will be held in the name of National Savings of Pakistan. Find the complete 750 prize bond Draw Results online and check the results of the National Savings of Pakistan on this one page.  So, in this schedule, you can find dates for the draw, day, prize bond amount as well and city name. As per this prize bond schedule for the draw of prize bonds 2024, all draws are announced on the date of the draw, however, should the date be on a Sunday, the mentioned prize bond draw results will be announced on the next day of work. Rs.750 prize bond lists 2024 results schedule and much more.

Rs 750 Prize Bond list 2024 online Search

State Bank is the bank that conducts the balloting of the prize bonds worth 750 rupees. Prize bonds. Prizes include a first-place prize worth 750 rupees. prize bond worth 3,000,000 PKR will be awarded to one lucky winner, as well as the second prize of prize bond of 750 worth 1 lakh. 1 million will be awarded to three lucky winners. The final and third winner of the prize list of 750 prize bonds list for 2024 online check is distributed to winners 1696 of the amount of Rs. 18,500/- each.

You can also view the list of 750 prize bonds results as of 15 January 2024 in accordance with the schedule published by the National Bank of Pakistan. The State Bank conducts the balloting for the Prize bond list for 750. Prize bond list for 2024.  You can check the results online for at Rs. Prize bonds. First prize of the prize bond of Rs.750 draw result with a value of 3,000,000 PRK is given to one lucky winner. The second prize of the list of 750 Prize Bonds 2024 online check worth Rs. 1,000,000 will be awarded to three lucky winners. The third and final prize of the 750 reward bond is awarded to winners of 1696 in the sum of Rs. 18,500/- each.

Check the List of 750 Prize Bonds 2024 online

If we tend to discuss the Prize bond, it’s a kind of 750 Prize bond list for 2024 online check that’s issued by approved prize bond corporations on behalf of the Finance Government. It’s additionally marketed because of the fact that the investment is secured and is under the legal control of.

The list of 750 prize bonds 2024 online check-in when you invest in this kind of investments The general public will not receive any interest, however, there are chances to promote the possibility of winning money. The odds of winning are very high, though they are not guaranteed it’s a great investment for your money. Once you get a prize, you’ll be able to fulfill your dreams and become more prosperous.

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