Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond 10 June 2024 Draw # 29 Held Multan Check online

Rs. 40000 premium prize bond list Results check online

Premium Prize Bond Listing 40000 2024 10 June Multan

The lucky draw Premium 40000 Prize bond List 10/06/2024 held in Multan city will award the highest prizes. Below is the most recent result as announced by the National Savings of Pakistan. It is available for all citizens of Pakistan.

Prize Bond 40000 schedule 2024 and draw results It is recommended that the general public receive regular updates on National Savings 40000 Prize Bond. You can also search for the winning numbers of the prize bond 40000. You can also search for the older draw results by choosing draw # numbers of 40000 prize bonds. They will be able to note the prize bond 40000 draw number.

Rs. 40000 premium prize bond list 10 June 2024 (Multan)

The national savings of Pakistan Rs. 40000 premium prize bond list 10 June 2024 held at city of Multan. The lucky winners of the prize bond 40000 premium 2024 draw number 29 can be seen in a colored and bold format that represents the first and second winners. The full third list of RS. 40000 Premium Prize Bond result in the 2024 Draw is listed with other prizes at the end.

 First Prize of Rs 80,000,000/- 


 Second Prize of Rs 30,000,000/- 

376410 632213 691732

 Third Prize of Rs.500,000/- 

              DRAW OF Rs.40,000/- Denomination Premium Prize Bond (Registered)
				 HELD AT Multan
Draw No. 29th			
Series:	Common Draw					Date: 10/06/2024

First Prize of Rs. 80,000,000/-

Second Prize of Rs.30,000,000/- Each
376410 632213 691732
Multan ON 10th June, 2024 - 660 PRIZES OF Rs.500,000/- EACH

Premium Prize Bond Rs. 40000 winner amounts:

Prize bond1st Prize (01 Winner)2nsPrize (3 Prizes)Third Prize (660 Prizes)
Premium 40000Rs. 80,000,000Rs. 30,000,000Rs. 500,000

The Pakistan State Bank holds Rs. Every 3 months, 40000 Premium Prize Bond Draws. Each draw will award 1 prize worth Rs. 80,000,000, 3 prizes worth Rs. Each prize is worth 30,000,000 and there are 660 prizes worth Rs. 500,000 each. All previous Rs. This page displays the 40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw Results. You can search the list for your prize bond numbers to see if any prizes have been won. Or, you can use our premium feature Power Search. View the schedule for the 40000 Premium Price Bond Draws 2024 To check if you have been awarded any prize money, see 40000 Premium Prize Bond List 2024.

For the first prize of Rs., the Premium 40000 rs bonds are now available. 80,000,000 (Rupee 8 Crore), which is a huge sum equal to the 80 million a man can’t make in his entire life working for a business or job, and the Second Prize Rs. The third prize, Rs. 3 crores (Rupee 30,000,000), is also a big cash award. It’s given to the three most fortunate persons as well as the final Third Prize of Rs. It gives 660 per person a total of 500,000 (Rupee Five Lac).

The prize bond is issued by the government for the general public. A prize bond can be described as a lottery. The government offers prizes, instead of interest on fixed amounts at regular intervals as the name suggests. Pakistan was created after the division of the subcontinent. The first prize bond in Rs. was issued by the Pakistani government.

The Central Directorate of National Savings was responsible for overseeing the 10th prize bond. Minister K. M. Sheikh launched the bond later and also bought the first bond. January 1961 saw the first prize bond drawn. Premium prize bonds are risk-free. Prize bonds are safe. Prize bonds only change in value.


Check out the 40000 Premium Prize Bond Online List:

All draw worth Rs. This page lists all premium draws of Rs. 40000 in alphabetical order. The Rs. 1 and 2 numbers are listed here. The first and second numbers of Rs. 40000 Premium can be found on this page. However, for the third prize list, you will need to click on the Full Liste des Rs. You can also click on the 40000 Premium button for each draw.

Our prize bond search tool allows you to instantly search for your prize bond number in any of the Rs 40000 Premium prize bonds lists. You can also use the Power Search function to search multiple Prize Bond numbers or enter the first and final number of each series if they exist.

How to claim your prize for winning the Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond?

A winning prize bond can be claimed within six years of the draw date. You will need to present the original prize bond as well as a copy of your CNIC at the National Saving Center and the State Bank of Pakistan to claim the prize. The prize money will be subject to tax deductions depending on whether you are a filer or not.

Premium Bond Rs. Premium Bond Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond Results in The Schedule of Rs. You can also find the latest news and updates about National Savings Premium Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond. 40000 Prize Bond. Click on the Rs. to search for winning numbers. Below is the 40000 Premium Bond Draw result sorted by date. This page contains the schedule for coming draws.

The first step is to buy him. Next, fill out the application form. This will give you the number that you need. It’s a premium prize bond worth 40000 rupees. The Prize Bond Schedule 2024 contains the exact date and time of each draw. It is managed by the Pakistan State Bank of Pakistan and started by the government. Because they had some cash money, they were able to cover all savings and losses of the NSP organization in a matter of minutes.

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