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Find Prize Bond draw Schedule 2024 by the central directorate of National Savings of Pakistan. The Prize bond or Lottery bonds is a type of bond issued to the general public for profit that is offered via a lucky number draw. The main purpose of these prize bonds is to stop inflation or stop money circulation in the market to control the prices of different items.

National saving of Pakistan arranges the Qura Andazi of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 7500, 1500, 15000, and 25000 Premium and 40000 premium prize bonds. Each denomination draw comes 4 times a year, and people get prizes. The complete Prize Bond draw Schedule 2024 with dates and cities where it will be organized are listed here.

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A prize bond is a savings scheme introduced by the Government of Pakistan in September 1992. The bond was introduced to encourage the public to save money in the post-1991 economic downturn. A prize Bond can be used as a savings instrument by the general public to prize money in small denominations without paying any commission.

The Prize bond is issued to the bearer type. These are issued in ten, one hundred, and fifty rupee denominations. An amount of ten rupees is issued for one hundred rupees. Only Pakistani citizens can buy these bonds.

Prize Bond Draw schedule 2024 Prize bond bearer certificates are available in various denomination amounts in a twenty-year time frame. All amounts will go in prize money if the certificate number is not hit in the prize bond draw.

The certificate number holders can go to their respective banks (branches) for the redemption of the Prize Bond on the maturity date. Banks collect profits at the time of sale and pay after thirty days of purchase. Banks will check earnings before redemption through NADRA’s online system. This way, only open accounts are paid, while fake accounts remain unpaid.

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 Pakistan:

All Prize bond schedule 2024 Prize bond draw results Prize bond list of the 10th draw 2024 recorded a huge attendance compared to last five years and this has snatched away all the previous records as a massive number of people participated in it. This year total number of participants was more than 3 crore, 90 lakhs which is a very large amount of people, and most of them were first-time participants in prize bond draw. Now you can check the complete Prize Bond Draw Results for the 10th Draw Listing 2024 online with all winning numbers and the prize money list, which is announced after every draw.

Prize bond schedule draws 2024 Prize bond winner list Prize bond winners The National Savings of Pakistan is considering launching Prize Bond draw scheme every quarter for the convenience of the public. The prize bond scheme is one of the most popular savings schemes in Pakistan and has been around for over two decades.

Prize bond winners list 2024 Prize bond winners list Prize bonds are bearer-type certificates issued by the government of Pakistan in multiple denominations. Here we will provide you with

The prize bond was such a big success that it helped the government to generate more revenue and strengthen the national economy.

Those seeking the Pakistan Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 can consult the table below to see when and on what day the draw results for their particular prize bond denomination will be announced. On the following dates, you can view Prize Bond Result 2024.

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Sr. Prize Bond Denomination Draw No. City Draw Date
1 Rs. 750 97 SIALKOT 15 January 2024
2 Rs. 100 45 PESHAWAR 15 February 2024
3 Rs. 1500 97 LAHORE 15 February 2024
4 Rs. 25000 13 KARACHI 11 March 2024
5 Rs. 40000 28 FAISALABAD 11 March 2024
6 Rs. 200 97 MUZAFFARABAD 15 March 2024
7 Rs. 750 98 HYDERABAD 15 April 2024
8 Rs. 100 46 LAHORE 15 May 2024
9 Rs. 1500 98 KARACHI 15 May 2024
10 Rs. 25000 14 PESHAWAR 10 June 2024
11 Rs. 40000 29 MULTAN 10 June 2024
12 Rs. 200 98 RAWALPINDI 17 June 2024
13 Rs. 750 99 QUETTA 15 July 2024
14 Rs. 100 47 KARACHI 15 August 2024
15 Rs. 1500 99 MULTAN 15 August 2024
16 Rs. 25000 15 HYDERABAD 10 September 2024
17 Rs. 40000 30 LAHORE 10 September 2024
18 Rs. 200 99 PESHAWAR 16 September 2024
19 Rs. 750 100 FAISALABAD 15 October 2024
20 Rs. 100 48 MULTAN 15 November 2024
21 Rs. 1500 100 RAWALPINDI 15 November 2024
22 Rs. 25000 16 QUETTA 10 December 2024
23 Rs. 40000 31 MUZAFFARABAD 10 December 2024
24 Rs. 200 100 SIALKOT 16 December 2024

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