Draw 89 Rs. 200 Prize Bond List Lahore 15 March 2022 full results Check online

Online 200 Prize Bond List Check All Draw Results

Check  Rs. 200 Prize Bond List 15 March 2022 (Draw 89) held at Lahore online:

Find out the latest Draw Number 89, 200  Prize Bond List result here online. Balloting for Lucky Draw No. 89 of Rs. 200 bonds for prize money was issued on the streets of Lahore city on March 15th, 2022. You can also search the complete list of denominations for the Rs. 200 bonds for prize money from the first draw until the latest draw at the website of official.

You may also search the list of 200 Prize Bond results as of 15 March 2022 in accordance with the schedule issued by the National Bank of Pakistan. The online Check Draw 89 Rs. 200 Prize Bond List Lahore 15 March 2022 full results online can be checked out below.

The State Bank will conduct the balloting of the Rs 200. Prize bonds. The first prize of 200 Rs. prize bond with a value of 750,000 PRK is given to one lucky winner. The second prize of the 200 bonds in the amount of Rs. 250,000 is given to five lucky winners. The third and final prize of the bond is awarded to 2394 winners in the amount of Rs. 1,250/- each.

Rs. 200 Prize Bond List 15 March 2022

1st Prize Bond Number, Prize Amount 750000 PKR


2nd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 250000 PKR

128737 390413 591489 705889 796069

3rd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 1250 PKR
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Download 200 Prize Bond All Draw lists 2022 below:

Rs 200 prize bond Winning amounts:

The Rs 200 prize bond Winning amounts in full detail are in the below table.

Denomination First Prize in PKR 2nd Prize in PKR 3rd Prize in PKR
Rs 200 750,000 (1 Prize) 250,000 (05 Prizes) 1,250(2394 Prizes)

Rs. 200 Prize Bonds Draw Results lists online

The savings scheme of Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draws comes Every 3 months. The draw will Prize one prize of Rs. 750,000, five prizes of Rs. 250,000 each and 2394 cash prizes worth Rs. 1,250 each. You can view all earlier Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw Results here. You may also search for your prize bond numbers on the list and check whether you’ve been given any prizes, or utilize our premium feature for free called Power Search. You can check out the schedule of the 200 Prize Bond Draws in 2022.

Check the 200 prize Bond List 2022 often to see whether you’ve won any prize money. The list is updated daily, so keep checking back for more information about the upcoming draws!

If you have purchased bonds worth 200 rupees and would like to look up the 2022’s list of prize bonds with 200 prizes You can go to the official website to look at the list easily. This page gives users the ability to access online the list of bonds for 2022 as well as the most accurate prize bond results 200. The site provides the ability to check the latest results of the 200 prize bond draw in 2022. This is the result of the 200 prize bond draw.

There is no access to the prize bond result 200 but you can to access the list of results for any prize bond for any year. It will also provide information on the status of specific prize bonds.


Rs. 200 Prize Bond List draw results detail:

The draws for 200 Rs. 200 are listed in chronological order, with the most recent draw listed first. Both the first and second number of 200 rupees. 200 are listed on this page. However, for three prize lists, you need to click the Complete List of Rs. 200 on the respective draw. It is also possible to make use of our search feature to locate your prize bond number immediately in one or more of the Rs 200 list of prize bonds.

There is also an option called the Power Search feature where you can search through your many randomly Prize Bond numbers or you could enter the first and last number of the Series in case you own.


How do you claim the prize after winning more than Rs 200 Prize Bond?

You can claim your winning bond for a prize within six years beginning from the date of the draw. To claim your prize, you must submit your original bond along with a copy of your CNIC to the National Saving Center or the State Bank of Pakistan.  Certain tax amounts will be deducted from the prize amount, which is contingent on whether you’re filing or not.

The draw for the 200 prize bond and other draws for prize bonds are conducted using a common drawing system, and the lucky draw for prize bond 200 as well as other bonds is handled by a committee made up of the representatives of the State Bank of Pakistan (Banking Service Corporation) and Directorate of National Banking Center.

As per the official of National Savings, the worth of the prize bond worth Rs 200 1st prize is worth Rs 750000 PKR. The worth of the second prize is 250000 PKR, while the amount of the third prize is Rs 1250 PKR.

The public is encouraged to receive the latest information regarding National Savings 200 Prize bond. It is also possible to search for winning numbers of the prize bond 200 here. You can also search for older results of the draw by choosing the draw number of the prize bond 200, which is also available online and they can also note the draw number of prize bond results 200.


How do I find my prize bond number of 200?

Enter your prize bond’s Rs. 200 prize bond number into the upper input box. After you’ve entered six digits of your prize bond’s Rs. 200, you’ll receive the prize bond result. Or simply scroll down the list to verify it by hand at this site. If you buy bonds worth 200 rupees and would like to see your 200 Prize Bond list for 2022 quickly check it out from this website. This web page provides users with the option of accessing online the 200 bonds list 2022 or the exact Prize bond results 200. This page is able to refresh the 200 prize Bond list for 2022 whenever there are 200 prize bonds is drawn.

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